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Student Exhibits

The Chatham Archives is pleased to offer Chatham students the opportunity to develop digital exhibits and publish them on Chatham Archives Digital.  Student exhibits include projects undertaken as part of an internship, as student employment project, and more.  These digital exhibits feature student-led research initiatives, student-authored narratives, and student-created digital experiences.  

Ranging in topic from the history of Chatham's clubs and departments to a deep dive into an archival collection, Chatham student exhibits highlight each other's voice and reflections upon the history of Chatham University. 

Origins of the Women’s and Gender Studies Program

WGS Cover  

This exhibit is meant to serve as a spotlight for the Women's and Gender Studies program at Chatham University. Since its foundation... (more)

Chatham Student Handbooks: The Sketches of Chatham's Personalities

Having provided assistance to the Chatham Archives in their efforts to provide online access to the Student Handbooks Collection, DiRienzo recognized the unique charm and engaging qualities of student illustrations... (more)

Europe '72: The Chatham and Hamilton Choir Summer Tour

Explore the exhibit pages and learn about the student-led efforts to fundraise leading up to the tour, the delays and challenges of travel, the surprising encounters with alums, and overwhelmingly positive reception received by the choirs. (more)